Sun Ray United Methodist Church

About Our Pastor

     Welcome to Sun Ray United Methodist Church! What a blessing it is to look out see visitors and all the smiling faces. I pray that you felt the power of the Holy Spirit, saw the love of Jesus that resides in the hearts of our  congregation, that you heard the word of God in the reading of Scripture and the Message,  and in our prayers, praise, and worship. We are a loving, kind and generous congregation and welcome all of God’s children to join us in fellowship and in celebration Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.
     God called me to Sun Ray UMC in July of 2020, and what a gift it is to serve as Senior Pastor to such a loving and committed church family. I previously served at Northeast UMC in Tampa for two years. I am also a lifetime member of Hillsborough UMC where I served in numerous leadership roles, including Youth ministry, Discipleship, and Missions, Outreach, and Trustees. I aspired to be a Preacher at a very young age. A special memory of my childhood is holding church in my garage on Saturday mornings. However, I must have been a slow learner as it was many decades later when I finally listed to God’s calling on my life. While preparing for Ministry I served as a missionary in St. Marc, Haiti, where I taught school at the El Shaddal Learning Center and served with the Clean Water for Haiti organization for one year.
     I believe in the grace and mercy of God Almighty, the never-ending love and peace of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Redeemer, and the power of the Holy Spirit, our Protector and Helper. I love preaching, however, preaching is more than delivering God’s Word on a Sunday morning. Preaching may start at the pulpit; but, preaching is also loving our neighbors, feeding the hungry, being kind to a stranger, consoling those who are grieving, bringing comfort to those who are sick, and sharing the love of God to those who are lonely. This is the mission of all of us at Sun Ray and I pray that God’s love shine so bright through us that people will point and say, “I want what they have.”
I am beyond blessed and thrilled to be your Pastor as we journey  together on this new path that God has placed before us.

Pastor Peggy Moss

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